About Me

DSC_9192_FotorHI, welcome to The Mint Thief & thanks for stopping by! I’m Nafisa and I’m the ultimate foodie. I love to cook, eat, read food blogs, watch cooking shows. Food to me is an endless topic. I could learn, eat and talk about food every day of my life.

I married the love of my life, and moved a staggering 8,000 miles away from my home in India to the United States. It didn’t take long for my husband to see my obsession with food, as I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen testing new recipes, while watching the food network or eating. However as much as i love cooking, I hate doing dishes. I am the “Queen of Sink Jenga.” That’s where my knight in shining armor comes to my rescue. (Lucky Me). As much as we relish home-made meals. We enjoy exploring authentic and local eateries in the city & while we are traveling. It’s his encouragement and persuasion (read as nagging) that has made me open my kitchen doors and share my simple escapades in the kitchen with you all.

My cooking and blogging philosophy

This blog is diary of my adventure in cooking. I cook anything and everything I fancy. I will share my family favorites, simple heirloom recipes I grew up eating, taught to me by Maa. Sometimes  I attempts to replicate restaurant dishes, baking experiments and tastes of cuisines around the world. Though I do have a soft spot for Thai, Chinese and Mediterranean. And sometimes I put my very own spin on ingredients I happen to have.

This blog is my passion and includes the things that I love…food, photography. I hope you enjoy the recipes and all I have to share here. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Have a nice day and thank you so much for being here. Hope you enjoy my little space!! 

56 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Nafisa, lovely to meet you and I so relate to being the queen of jenga when it comes to not wanting to wash dishes – my husband always takes care of that job too! Looking forwards to following your lovely blog, especially because I’m a big fan of Indian cooking…..


  2. Hi Nafisa!!
    You are my kind of girl, a fellow foodie!!! Just like you, will find me totally thinking, making, reading or watching anything about food!! Love your blog and interesting recipes… following you. Looking forward to more fun recipes!!


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